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Vikings Navita Tours

Τίτλος ιστοσελίδας / Website Title: Vikings Navita Tours
Ιστοσελίδα / Website:
Περιγραφή / Description: Vikings Navita offers the best of the two worlds: the convenience and comfort of a pre-arranged group program and the joy of personal discovery known to those who travel on their own.
Our tour groups are kept “small enough for everyone to be on a first-name basis by the end of the first day” as one
Υπεύθυνος εταιρίας / Contact Person: Pavlos Kokkonis
Διεύθυνση / Street: 75, Dimela Str., 16674 Glyfada, Athens, Greece
Τ.Κ / Postcode: 16674
Πόλη / City: ΑΘΗΝΑ
Χώρα / Country: Greece
Τηλέφωνο / Phone: 2110129657
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Located in: Ταξίδια